Radiant Floor Heating circulates warm water through pipes located in the concrete floor to radiate heat upwards. With Radiant Floor Heating the interior surfaces of the room are warmed, not the air, creating a feeling similar to standing in the sun on a warm and sunny day. We install the pipe for the radiant heating system before the concrete is placed. This is an exceptional heating system and works well in slab on grade floors i.e. basement floors, shop floors, showroom floors, additional rooms added on and in the base of new swimming pools.

Radiant heating is economical and helps reduce energy costs up to 30%

while providing a healthy, clean and quiet heating system without noisy fans or blowing air full of dust and allergens. Snow and Ice Melt Systems work the same way with warm water circulating through pipes in the concrete.

This is a perfect application for driveways, sidewalks and steps, patios, carports and front entrances to buildings, keeping them virtually free of snow and ice buildup.

For an overview of radiant heat, click here.

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